January Acoustic Circus - The Magic Nashville Night That Was

So what happened at City Winery Nashville was an absolute riot.  My thanks to City Winery for letting me do my residency with them and my thanks to some of my favorite players for coming to join me on stage. But most of all, thanks to all of the fans who came and helped to sell out the City Winery Lounge!  

 A run down of the magic of the evening:

Will Kimbrough joined me on stage and then followed up with an inspired acoustic solo set.  We were in the green room before the set and I say to Will "I saw you play Goodnight Moon at The Rutledge two or three years ago and its one of my favorites", he says, "Cool, I'll play it".  That's what kind of guys he is.  He and I had a chance to run Dan Connolly's "Carmen" before we played it in my set, but then he decided to stay up and accompany me on "Bring The Rain" and "I Got A Job At The Church".  That's what kind of player he is.  

Peter Cooper, Eric Brace and Thomm Jutz are nothing less than a latter day CSN - so literate, so funny and so soulful.  They melted Kim Richey's ‘Angel’s Share’ (co-written with Thomm) and then invited me up for their smoldering cover of Herb Pedersen/Chris Hillman's 70's gem ‘Wait A Minute’.  Some how we found three part harmonies and I believe we nailed it. I think there will be a video floating around of this, so you be the judge.  

The only bummer of the night was that Angel Snow called me the morning of to say she had "that thing goin around" and could not make the show. Fortunately she sent us an amazing singer/songwriter Shannon Labrie, who delivered her smokin' hot Fiona Apple meets Joni in Nashville croon. Big shoes to fill and we loved it.  Thank you Shannon for stepping in.  

We all had fun and like I always do with Acoustic Circus, I tried to push the artists out of their comfort zone and try some different things.  We each took a verse on Van Morrison's "Days Like This" and took an impromptu shot at The Bee Gees '’To Love Somebody’’ (with Will on slide! Incredible.) I was also asked more than once about the mystery woman with the Lauren Bacall voice and the Katharine Hepburn hair singing harmonies.  That was our Mississippi transplant, singer/songwriter Kristian Dambrino.  Kristian was an absolute doll to work with and you will see her back before my residency winds up.

So ends round one of my residency at City Winery Nashville and I am thrilled. We have some audio and video so keep an ear and eye open for postings. The next installment is February 14th at City Winery, 10pm-Midnight, right after Sam Bush. Tickets available now! We are going for duet night and I’ll announce my guests in a few days so stay tuned!  Thanks again.