House Concerts
Yes, I do House Concerts and often!

What are House Concerts?
All over the country, music fans are inviting friends (or the public) into their homes to see a featured artist perform. It's a great alternative to going out to a venue and often more intimate. A house concert will typically showcase one performer playing two 45-minute sets, most often taking place in a large room in your home (the host) where you would set up chairs and create a "listening room" environment, where the artist is most comfortable to engage with the audience.

Sometimes people serve dinner and drinks before the show and then dessert after or at intermission. Some shows are "foodie" catered and some are KFC and PBR, depends on your vibe.

These shows are typically acoustic performances. If the crowd is small, say less than 12 people, no amplification is needed. But no matter how big the audience, some promotion and a proper invitation will be needed.

There are a few models for house concerts. Some house concert hosts do them as a series, and some are one-offs. Some hosts have more than one artist, and some can afford Paul McCartney!

What do I do for house concerts?
Over the last two years, I have done 50+ shows in peoples’ homes. I am happy to be invited in to most formats, but often people ask my opinion on how to set things up and we work on designing the right evening that will make the host and their guests super happy. Talking about the evening and the budget helps me to staff the show properly, arrange the proper amplification, and make sure the party vibe is in harmony with what I am doing.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss any house concert idea.