Speak to Me

Speak to me, with your eyes, with your hands. 
Talk to me, without words, I will understand.

William Shakespeare would agree,
The language of love could fool a King.
Words come close but its how you move,
And how, you touch me.

Take my hand, there’s a pulse, but there’s no plan. 
Dance with me, lead me to the rhythm, of your heart
What did Isaac Newton say?
Bodies in motion tend to stay that way.
So how would he describe the heat that tends to rise,
when we collide?
And you speak to me. 

I never heard a sound, but I knew every word
That’s what you do, you speak to me.
I hear your body sing, float me on your breeze
With everything you do, you speak to me.

I study you, without lectures, without books
Scripting this, can’t describe the threshold of this kiss
What did Humphrey Bogart know (when he heard)
Just put those lips together and blow
But for the love scene, it’s best to take it slow, and just let go.

Speak to me,
Speak to me,
Speak to me.