You Come and Go

Words and Music by Brad Cole

So this is how you want it to be?
Live alone in harmony.
Two half circles stand apart
Through the cracks our love leaks out.

So Fly with your circus and your demons and your gold
Wrapped up in your one way love, I wish you well as you come and go.

I used to wish that I could be
All you wanted me to be.
Thought I'd wait a million years, but time can’t bury all those tears
'stead I drank a million beers.

So fly with your pictures and your dishes and your ghosts
You’re packing up our memories but you’re leavin the best behind
And I’ve tried my best to hate you, but I guess I love you still
In this cul-de-sac romance baby, no one wins when you come and go

Have I, wasted all this time?
Holding on, and your movin' on
See my heroes left no one behind
Like you left me, at the end of the line.

This time I won’t chase you down
This time I won’t turn to stone
Once you had the best of me (baby you could never really see)
Well that’s all over now.

So fly with your diamonds, your ambitions and your smile
Another stupid airport scene, but this time I wont cry.
There’s a freeze frame on the scenery, as we whisper our good-byes.
If this time is forever baby, time will tell as you come and go. Time will tell as you...