November News

Man, what a ride this life is. I just returned home from a four week West by Southwest tour. I came home inspired, invigorated, hungry for more and yes - tired. I came home to my little family, my neighborhood grocery store, my espresso maker and my bed. It must have been how Bilbo felt returning to the Shire.

The list of thank you’s is massive. Thank you to everyone who gave me a place to sleep, every musician who got on stage with me, (with a special shout out to Steve Postell and Jordi Kleiner).  Thanks to all who had never been to a house concert before and took a leap to check out the experience. To all of the bookers and hosts and listeners, thank you!!

Heres a couple of pictures and a video of Steve Postel and I performing “Willin" in Tahachapi, CA.  I tried to explain to my in-laws why going to Tahachapi is somewhat of a pilgrimage for musicians, but when they heard us do the tune I am pretty sure they got it. I think we’ll try Nazareth PA next time!!

PledgeMusic: Lay It Down

I also came home to successful wrap on my PledgeMusic campaign for Lay It Down! Definitely a big thank you to all of you who hung in there through my onslaught of missives, emails, videos and postings. Well now it’s all over but the reaping!
If you signed up for a digital download of Lay It Down, you should have received it by now. I only ask that you listen on a nice pair of speakers or headphones. Once you do, you will understand why :) I’ve got the elves working overtime to put everything together to get out to you before the Christmas Holidays. Again, without your help, this record would not have happened. Thank You!

On The Road

I am now getting geared up and ready for NERFA - Folk Alliance Regional Upstate New York, where I will be acting like a child and staying up all night performing with some dear friends.  If you have not been to a Folk Alliance conference and you like music, you should check it out.  It’s where artist go to showcase for bookers. It’s typically held over one weekend in a hotel in different cities four to five times a year. It is one long great jam, in hotel rooms, ball rooms and the lobby. Its not always very folky, but it is primarily unplugged.  You will discover talent that is raw and amazing.  It used to be for industry only, but more and more fans are showing up to take in the insanity. I'm happy to answer any questions about these great events. If you are heading to NERFA in Kerhonkson NY, here is my performance schedule:

eyond that, I am putting together a series of tours for the first half of 2016.  One of these tours will feature an exclusive full band performance of Lay It Down, no small task, but it will be amazing! The over all tour map will include Boston down to Durham, Nashville to Chicago, Detroit to NY and many points in-between. I'm also plotting a return west in April and Texas in May.  So if anyone is interested in a house concert, please reach out to me and lets make it happen. I’ll start posting my 2016 dates in January, so stay tuned!
Ok, thats it for now. Again, to all of you looking and listening, please accept my gratitude. And if you like "Lay It Down", make some noise!!!