New Years Newsletter

I’ve promised myself not to let the holidays get me down this year and I have found a few things to lighten the burden of having a happy holiday season. First was seeing The Ornaments perform Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas at The Family Wash in East Nashville.  But if you could not get to this show, here’s my secret weapon: click here to crack up..and show some respect.

Ok where were we..ah, gratitude. To all of you who work so hard at what you do and still found time to work some Brad Cole into your life. Whether you got on stage with me, came to a show, hosted me, bought a record, acknowledged my various online avatars, emailed me jokes, told me stories about your kids and opened up about your own passions and struggles - its all so enriching. I try so hard to live in the present, yet as I write this I can't help but reflect on the last year. It seems like the biggest markers for me in 2015 were not what I planned for, but what happened when I showed up. I, like you have been a witness to all of the bad news in our world. I've also had the pleasure of seeing people show up to offer a selfless helping hand just because it's the right thing to do. So please know that all these gifts from 2015, lift my perspective for 2016. I hope in some small way, I can do the same for you.

On The Road

Musically there are lots of good things cooking for 2016.  For the first half of the year, we our building out two tours.  One of which is the "Lay It Down" Record Release Tour, featuring the core band from the record and some surprise guests.  We are confirming Nashville, Chicago, NYC and Washington DC for sometime this April.  Next is the Swing Low Tour 2016that will start in May around Boston work down the East Coast to NC, then head west through TN all the way to TX then up to the Midwest in June.  Most of the Swing Low Tour will feature my trio so please stay tuned for these dates and come out and say hi.  
Oh and one of the upshots of 2015 was doing shows with my friends Matt Nakoa and Robinson Treacher.  It was a lot of fun and absolutly electric to play with these extraordinary artists. We’ve decided to keep at it and will be booking up a few shows on the East Coast this Spring and Summer.

Cover Story

As If this wasn’t enough, January begins my weekly web series called Cover Story. Cover Story is a show where each week I'll be choosing and interpreting a cover song that I love. It will be a live performance, sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. Each show will be posted at as well as my YouTube channel where they will be live streamed when possible. Cover Story will premiere January 4th at 9PM EST.  So that will be 52 shows, 52 songs and while I’ve got a great list of songs already please send your suggestions my way.  You will be getting an email from me telling you when to tune in!
Thank you again, wishing you all joy, laughter and peace in the New Year!


Check out my cover of the 60's classic and theme to The Thomas Crown Affair "Windmills Of Your Mind" - a tribute to the legendary and recently passed cinematographer Haskell Wexler.